The Ghost Town or Halloween event has been going on for over sixteen years and is a fun activity for both youth and adults of all ages to participate in. It is a wonderful opportunity for adults to mentor and teach younger ones basic theatrical techniques, special effects makeup, audio & lighting, costuming, set design, animatronics, special effects. It is an amazing way to boost confidence and to be part of something big.
   The themes in our mazes are entertaining as are our Guides-the "Story Tellers," the scares are primarily based on phobias and basic fears but infused with some humor. Face your fears, come out laughing, and do it again. Laugh so hard at each other that your cheeks will ache. Youth learn to become stronger than that which scares them, overcome the basic fears. Our maze is now created with lightweight theater flats but in our early years, we worked with heavy 8x8 flats made of 2x4's and thick plywood. The newer flats are lightweight, 4x8s, and both cleaner and easier to store, not to mention they go up and down much quicker.   The event began at Town Hall when CSA36 recreation was managed by Idyllwild Chamber of Commerce, later we partnered with the Idyllwild PTA for many years and financially supported programs like Discovery Streaming, again later partnered with the Riverside County Parks and Open Space District, and the Idyllwild Soroptimists before obtaining our own nonprofit 501C3 status as Young Idyllwild Inc, a public Nonprofit which has a broad focus to help and improve the quality of life of all our mountain community members, from the young to the young at heart. Some of our programs and events include Radio Idyllwild, Idyllwild Community Garden, Idyll-wood Crafted Sawmill, Idyllwild Strong Music Festival, Indy Film Fridays-Outdoor movie nights.   This year the Ghost Town event will be back in the center of town and on the Highway. We will be in the open space along the highway and in front of the Idyllwild Help Center. The Help Center will receive a portion of the gross tickets sales, another reason to support us! This event averages about $25,000. in ticket sales which helps to support some of our other programs.
Please join our 2019 Cast and Crew!  If you are interested please email